01 August 2008

after bedtime

went to the silver village again to purchase some bali beads - i ran out last night. came back home and had lunch with my sweet man then decided to go grocery shopping with him. arrived back home just in time to prepare for dinner.

while he was preparing dinner, i decided to start on the blues. chose the stones and decided where to put each one. made some head pins for the set and started putting them together. wasn't halfway done when dinner was ready.

finished them way after dinner, about the time we finished watching the second installment for "The Stand."

in the moonlight 01 is a reproducible bookmark made with a blue leather strap, bali silver wire and beads, a silver charm and a collection of semi-precious stones including blue lace agate, lapiz, moonstone, cat's eye and floral design glass.

the stones are unique in their patterns, hence reproducible bookmarks are only similar as to the composition and order of stones. each bookmark is made unique by the patterns and colors on each stone it has in its composition.

in the moonlight 01 is included in the August shipment to the Philippines.

i've been making bookmarks for this shipment for days now, i don't think i've had the time to actually open a book and spend a relaxing afternoon with it and the cool Bali breeze.

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