12 August 2008

Celuk: A Treasure Chest (Inspiration #2: Celuk Silversmiths)

Needed a rest after the 100 bookmarks were finally all done. Went to Celuk over the weekend, however, to look into other artist's silver creations.

This is a bangle which incorporates the Balinese Barong in its design. The Barong is a prominent mythical figure in most of the Balinese folklore. It also plays a prominent role in their cultural dances and religious ceremonies.

This pair of earrings incorporates the Wayang Kulit in its design. The Wayang Kulit is a puppet made for shadow plays. It is an integral part of the Balinese culture.

Watching the local artists at work also proved to be quite an inspiration.

This man was making silver findings. Pretty boring work, you say? He does it with such diligence. Every piece seemed to be a masterpiece waiting to be made - that's the kind of energy he exuded while making these.

with these hands
She seemed so well organized in making pieces that I couldn't help but capture a sliver of her life in this shot.

Celuk has always been a favorite destination for moments when I need some inspiration.

*Images of jewelry pieces in this entry have been copyrighted only for the images themselves. The design of these pieces are not mine to claim.

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