17 August 2008

It's Time We Say Someting for the Trees: Tree of Life with Egg in a Nest Pendant (Unakite, Aventurine & Copper)

Was quite inspired by some bird's nests I saw recently. I searched for tutorials on eggs in a nest and managed to find one free one on You Tube (Tutorial Diary: Nest Pins). As far as free goes, this one didn't give much information - although it gave loads of room for creativity, imagination and common sense.

My first try for the nest turned out quite smaller than what I wanted (26-gauge copper wire & 4mm unakite beads) but I wasn't going to let that worry me. I decided to place the nest in a frame to make a pendant. I decided to make a Tree of Life to nestle the nest in.

I used 20-gauge copper wire for the frame and 24- gauge copper wire for the tree and branches plus bits of aventurine for the leaves.

Not contented, I made a necklace for the pendant using 26-gauge copper wire, more bits of aventurine and the crochet technique.

This is what I made with all that put together:

Quite appropriate for Environment Enthusiasts, the stones used in this pendant collectively makes for wonderfully creative green thumbs. It exudes positive energies in gardening, healing and in creating a harmonious environment for the wearer.

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