12 September 2008

The Flower Power Challenge (A Craftstylish Challenge)

I'm a member of Craftstylish. I check in almost everyday to find pieces and projects to inspire me. It's a great site for craftsters, members share new ideas to the gallery everyday!

They also issue out Challenges every so often. This time they have a Flower Power Challenge which encourages members to make pieces with the Flower Power theme incorporated in the design. Participants are required to submit their entries following the rules for a particular challenge.

I wasn't really set to enter this challenge. I was quite happy simply being inspired by the site. My sudden organization of my jewelry shelf plus my possession of a sketchbook are exercises which I credit to their contributors.

It is because of the sketchbook that I found myself making a flower bracelet one day. I told myself I'd try and make the sketches I made at least once to see if they were workable and if they looked as good made as they did as ideas. I sketched in flowers the way I like them - a bit like the 70's flower: a lovely round center, five rounded petals, simple lines. I thought they might look good as chain links.

And so I made these pieces. Then decided to wound blue jewelry wire around the petal wires to give it texture and to secure the center in place. I connected the flower links with simple bead links and found myself with a bracelet full of flowers.

Not bad, actually. I feel that I need to tweak it a bit more to satisfy myself that it was done - but as it is, not bad at all.

I then remembered the challenge I recently read about in Craftstylish and thought... what the heck, I'll post this as an entry. And so here we are. Flower Power Bracelet: The Blues came to be.

If you're a crafter, I suggest you join us in Craftstylish. I love the inspiration the galleries provide its members. And the challenges they use to nudge our creative selves into making something aren't bad either.

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