29 July 2008

fair price on these scales

all out of the silver wires i needed. had to hop onto my bike and motorcycle to a village in Bali well-known for its silver: a fun 40 minute drive/race/battle against huge trucks and other motorcyclists.

i enjoy these rides as i also get to visit other silver shops on the way. these visits provide me with inspiration on creating my own handmade pieces. plus, the drive is long enough to be enjoyable and short enough not to be tiring.

the shop i go to for the silver i use for my pieces is one of the best places for silver supplies for the jeweler. their products have the highest silver content in Bali. in fact, other silver shops source their silver from this tiny shop. i think it was a lucky day for me when someone showed me this tiny treasure.

i have to work on those 88 bookmarks today. i think i'm going to start with the blues. *smile*

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