28 July 2008

Opals Slipped In - 88 to go

Prepping for my August shipment to the Philippines. 100 bookmarks by the first week of August. Finished 12 today. Handmade jewelry is a bit time consuming, I think.

Ribbons 01 and Ribbons 02 are one-of-a-kind bookmarks whilst Ribbons 03a, b and c are reproducibles. 03a and b have leopard skin. 03c makes use of pink opals.

ribbons 03c is a reproducible bookmark made with pink leather strap, bali silver wire and beads, a silver charm and a collection of semi-precious stones including pink opal, leopard skin, cherry quartz and rose quartz.

the stones are unique in their patterns, hence reproducible bookmarks are only similar as to the composition and order of stones. each bookmark is made unique by the patterns and colors on each stone it has in its composition.

ribbons 03c is included in the August shipment to the Philippines.

I think I've had enough of pink for now. Will switch colors tomorrow - after I buy me more handspun silver strand from the silver village in Bali.

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