24 August 2008

the more the merrier

Went to a bead shop yesterday. A glass bead shop. I rarely work with glass so to go and purchase glass beads was quite a step for me. NOT a big step, but a step nonetheless.

So off I went and had a look around and ended up buying some beads. They were just too colorful to ignore. And The Big Ben Shop has quite a selection to choose from.

And since I was going off my usual track (semi-precious beads), I was going to go ahead and play with other materials. Went to another store and got me some colorful jewelry wires to use with my beads.

I still don't know what I'm going to end up with BUT I have started playing. I'll post projects as I make them, ofcourse. Hopefully, I do these beads some justice.

I have one other kind of bead I bought which I didn't feature here. I bought them especially for someone. Or, rather, to make something for someone special.

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