23 August 2008

A Must Have Book (Book #2): Buried Treasure: Travels Through the Jewel Box by Victoria Finlay

This is a book I've had on my shelf for at least two years now. It was quite difficult to find it in Bali as we don't have too many bookstores for English books but I spent a lot of time scanning the titles on each bookshelf in each bookshop over and over again until I found it. (My mom who knew of my search decided to look for it, too. She found a copy and sent it to me but I already found my own. I told her she could keep the copy she has and read it. It's a beautiful read.)

What I like most about the book is that it provides hobbyists information on the histories of the different gemstones we use in our art. It broadens the mind to beyond the little beads and pieces we use and extends the appreciation of each piece backward in time and broadens its geographical feel. All that in an entertaining read, too!

As much as Finlay will give you tours through gemstones using the Moh classification in cutting her chapters, through different localities and countries where stories of the gemstones originated from, through gemstone folklore and recent developments: it never becomes an encyclopedic-too-detached-too-objective read. She keeps you interested in her choice of anecdotes and the clear and precise way in which she writes.

I've read the book at least five times. Each time I get to remember more and more of the information she compiled in the book. I think it was on helluva research she made. She has loads of interesting information in those pages.

It's definitely a must-read for handcrafters of jewelry. It makes one appreciate each stone, each bead... we are made more aware of the history that comes with them.

*Veronica Howell has another review of this book which I think will give more information to those who are interested. I suggest you read her review, too.

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craftpriestess said...

i will definitely be looking for this book at the library. i already have the "1000" book reserved, so thanks so much for the heads up.

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